Business Intelligence

It’s not always easy to make the right decision, especially without the right information. PHOENIX can help. We have access to daily updated data reaching from the warehouses in all PHOENIX distribution centres to the point of sale.

Further, through primary market research, you can benefit from the professional opinion of pharmacists in our network. We help you to optimise your product portfolio, position yourself properly in the market, and prepare your product launch. With Business Intelligence from PHOENIX, you have all the information you need to develop a solid business strategy – always with an eye on the bigger picture.

Primary market research

Primary market research is a key instrument that supports and forms a basis for strategic decision-making. If you want to know how the pharmacy market thinks, ask our pharmacy panel. This expert panel answers questions about current issues and trends in the pharmacy market, such as product affinity and marketing strategy optimisation.

Wholesale data

Wholesale data entail monthly, weekly, and daily sales of the market leader PHOENIX to approx. 50% of all public pharmacies in Germany. This can be your success measure! The goods flow can be controlled, your launch be tracked and furtherly, marketing and sales activities and their effect on the wholesale be evaluated. The fast availability of the data allows you to promptly identify opportunities and risks.

Pharmacy data

These data range from sell-in to sell-out at the point of sale of a representative pharmacy Panel which covers over 10 % of the market.

Product performance (at launch, for example) and test-market Scenarios as well as marketing and sales activities can thus be measured in real time. Prescription data allow for an analysis of prescribing and substitution behaviour. Short-notice availability of daily updated data enables in particular a quick response to events in the dynamic environment of the pharmaceutical market.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Strategic decision-making on the basis of valid data
  • Pharmacy market and trend insights
  • Transparency of the supply chain and stock level management
  • Monitoring of product performance, e.g. during product launch or sales and marketing activities
  • Monitoring of prescribing and substitution behaviour

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