Supply Chain Optimization

The aim of supply chain management is to optimise the cooperation with our industry partners beyond company boundaries. Further, the improvement of exchange of information and products along the supply chain is in focus. Our operations concentrates on the following: product availability, booking-in of products, shipping units, defects lists, complaints, and invoice processing- This in order to increase the effectivity and efficiency of process implementation.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Better product availability
  • Lower capital commitment
  • Simplified product replacement processes
  • Reduced administrative effort


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Information flow optimization

Information flow optimization includes proactive notification when our industry partners are unable to deliver products and when products become available again for delivery; distribution centres and pharmacies are therefore kept up to date and orders can be placed at an early stage.

A key component of early notification for deliveries and process simplification is the implementation of an electronic data interchange (EDI) for delivery notes and invoices.

With our industry expertise, we provide information about market demand through forecasts, etc., thereby enhancing our partners’ planning quality and production/inventory optimization.

By working intensively with our suppliers, we optimize our information and goods flow along the supply chain. Therewith, an improved patient care is ensured. Christian Renner, Project Manager Supply Chain Optimization

Product flow optimisation

With our expertise in supply chain management, we optimise the flow of products between our suppliers and PHOENIX. Increased attention to original packaging units (original boxes, pallets) in the ordering and delivery process reduces delivery interruptions and simplifies handling during picking and receipt of incoming goods. Furthermore, an analysis of the complete ordering process provides ideas for process optimisation.

Central warehouse

At our central warehouse in Mannheim, Germany, we specialise in accepting combined volumes and quantities to simplify delivery routes, achieve cost savings, and improve the availability of fast-moving items. As a central warehouse, we offer our suppliers an optimised network including PHOENIX distribution centres in Germany as well as external wholesalers.

Benefits of the central warehouse at a glance

  • Central delivery address and contact
  • Optimised order volumes and schedules, reducing transport and logistics expenses
  • Simplified invoicing
  • High product availability and buffer function for larger sales volumes
  • Adherence to strict quality standards in accordance with GDP and DIN EN ISO 9001

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